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Scholarships Available!

Our Sponsors and Partners have made it possible for us to offer Full and Half Scholarships for our Students.

Students that are intrested are invited to send the following

Admission Requirements:

1. 4 examples of work.

_This helps us understand students general interest and if they are a good match for our team.

2. Prospective participant’s CV

_Undergraduate students need to provide Grade average or GPA

3. 500 word letter of intent.

_The document should explain why you would like to join us, what is expected to be gained, and how you will be an asset to the team.


All documents to be submitted to: merate[dot]barakat[at]aaschool[dot]ac[dot]uk in PDF or .Docx format.

_Maximum file size 1 MB


_Deadline 25th August 2012, First come first serve.

Anyone that will not comply with the requirements above, will not be considered.

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